Session Resources

This page contains resources for you to use in your DIDI Project Design Space sessions.

Submission Guidelines

Download the video submissions guidelines here.


Download and print one copy of the Participant Materials for each participant in your program.

Additional Brief Materials

Several of the 2018-2019 DIDI Project Design Space clients have provided additional materials. Please share the materials below with the teams tackling these challenges.

Centrepoint Materials

Dubai Holding Materials

The Dubai Mall Materials

Emirates Marine Environmental Group Materials

Warm Up Games

Click on the links below to watch videos of the warm up games.

Session 1 Resources: Analysis

The following video provides an introduction to Session 1 and an overview of the Analysis Mode.

Schools around the world are incorporating design thinking into their curricula. Watch the videos below and notice the research, ideation and prototyping modes, as well as all the skills the teams use. In an integrated design process creative modes are blended together seamlessly in the same space. Analysis flows into ideating and prototyping seamlessly.

In the following videos, designers conduct interviews as part of the design process. Notice how they ask “why” and other open-ended questions to gain an understanding of the experiences of the interviewee.

Session 2 Resources: Ideating

The following video provides an introduction to Session 2 and an overview of the Ideating Mode.

In the following videos, students engage in brainstorming sessions. Notice the way that the participants treat one another’s ideas and how their behavior leads to the generation of multiple ideas.

Session 3 Resources: Prototyping

The following video provides an introduction to Session 3 and an overview of the Prototyping Mode.

In 2010, Vanity Fair called architect Frank Gehry “the most important architect of our age.” In this excerpt from a documentary about Gehry’s work, Gehry can be seen using paper to build architectural prototypes.

In the following video, designer Tom Chi shares the Google team’s process for prototyping Google Glass.

In the following video, students from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design build prototypes for a furniture design workshop.

The following video provides a succinct explanation and demonstration of how to use paper prototyping.

The following video shows how Google Ventures test products through user interviews.

Session 4 Resources: Storytelling & Pitching

The following video provides an introduction to Session 4 and an overview of the Storytelling Mode.

Eighteen year old Lani Lazzari successfully pitched her company, Simple Sugars, on the fourth seasion of the TV show Shark Tank. Lazzari’s presentation serves as an excellent example of a powerful pitch. Despite being one of the youngest contestants ever on the show, Lazzari delivers an unusually confident and compelling demo and pitch of her skin care product, Simple Sugars, to the Shark Tank investors.

At TEDGlobal 2009, founder of Lifesaver Michael Pritchard tells the story of how he created a revolutionary product that provides people with access to safe drinking water. There is much to learn from his compelling demonstration and storytelling.

Misen Cookware founders pitch their idea for high quality, beautifully designed and affordable cookware to the Kickstarter community through a well-crafted video and informative website.

2017-2018 Winners of DIDI Project Design Space

In 2017-2018, students were presented with five challenges. Below, you will find the challenges and the winning teams’ videos.

adidas Challenge:

Design an engaging and culturally relevant initiative that encourages the UAE public to join adidas and Parley in their environmental mission and inspires the public to take action.

Alserkal Avenue Challenge:

Design sustainable shading solutions, seating or other physical installations that increase pedestrian flow through Alserkal Avenue lanes.

Expo 2020 Dubai Challenge:

Create an experience, product or service that engages Expo 2020 Dubai visitors as they queue to enter pavilions. Your idea must encourage Expo 2020 Dubai’s diverse audiences to share their ideas with Expo 2020 Dubai and each other in a way that leads to meaningful connections.

IBM Challenge:

Design the car showroom of the future: a digitally enhanced solution that brings the driving experience to life for all members of the family.

Splash Challenge:

Design an affordable and aesthetically pleasing collection of wearable electronic garments that add value to the lives of Splash consumers.