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The Story of Us: Meet Tamara from Bon Education

Tamara Durzi came to Bon Education in September after three months teaching in Peru. Prior to her travels, she worked in human capital development and STEM education initiatives in Abu Dhabi. What is your role at Bon Education? As an Education Program Manager at Bon, I have the pleasure of working on programs that help [...]

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Becoming a Tiger at Any Age: Two Minutes with Coach and Trainer Cindy van de Kreke-Freens of Authenticity

When you hear the word “coach,” sports probably come to mind. Coaches guide teams through practice sessions, perfecting techniques so that players are ready for competition. However, there’s another kind of coach out there. Personal and professional coaches work with clients to help them through life decisions and challenges. They don’t necessarily give answers, but [...]

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The Empowerment Challenge

I drive out of a bustling metropolis and through the desert – beautifully red sands, dotted with small brush, undulating as far as the eye can see. As I turn off the main road there is a sign for the prison and the local abattoir (slaughterhouse). The landscape is craggy. The road a bit bumpy. I [...]

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