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Lessons in Learning: The Ultimate Learning Environment

Many people remember learning the alphabet and multiplication tables. Sometimes facts from history class stick with us or a favorite passage of literature. These are the things that we typically take away from school – the drilled and learned content, as well as relationships formed in the process of learning. However, do you remember what [...]

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Lessons in Learning: School-in-a-Box

In December 2004, an earthquake rattled the Indian Ocean, triggering a massive tsunami. Indonesia was the hardest hit with approximately 130,000 deaths and more than 500,000 people displaced. It was a devastating disaster, and nearly every aspect of human life was affected. With such widespread destruction, though, it’s amazing to think that interrupted schools began [...]

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Lessons in Learning: Unschooling

“What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.” – George Bernard Shaw When you hear the word “education,” what do you think about? Teachers? Classes? Homework? So many different words could come to mind, but school is at the center for most of [...]

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