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Bullet Journals: The Flexible and Fun Way to Stay Organized

It’s 2017! For many, a new year means setting resolutions for the next 365 days. While I don’t usually put much weight in resolutions personally, I’m always inspired to identify a few goals for self-improvement and learning. For 2017, my short list of goals includes better organization. While I consider myself to be a fairly [...]

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The Art of Self-Coaching

My 2016 To Do List (“Resolutions”) _ Get in peak shape. Contact personal trainer. _ Cement life and relationship goals. Contact life coach. _ Identify annual business goals. Contact business mentor. _ Identify personal professional SMART goals. Ditto. _ Eat more sensibly. Contact nutrition expert (my mother). With “new year’s resolutions” being the hot topic [...]

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Learning with Intention: Resolution Time!

For many teachers, parents, students and education professionals, like myself, September feels much more like the start of the year than January. So, no time like the “new year” to set a few intentions to kick my actions and personal learning off right! As Leo Babauta writes in his blog, Zen Habits, sometimes the best [...]

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