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Behind the Scenes in Rio: Olympics-Inspired Learning Programs

Gold, silver and bronze – the highest honor for most professional athletes. Many dream about receiving an Olympic medal, but few actually receive one. Regardless, Olympic-level athletes around the world train hours upon hours for years to have a chance to become one of those lucky few. They opt for training over important life events, [...]

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Being “In the Zone” in Work and in Life

With the Rio Olympics starting, I am getting ready to log some serious hours watching my favorite sports and athletes hit the global stage! What I love about watching top athletes (such as Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt) is their consistent ability to remain “in the zone” both physically and mentally again and again and [...]

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What Top Athletes Can Teach Us About Learning

Dedication. Perseverance. Focus. In the spirit of the Sochi Olympics, I’ve been thinking about the common characteristics of the world’s top athletes. No matter what sport – alpine skiing, figure skating, bobsledding or curling – all athletes seem to share the same drive to succeed. As the 2014 Winter Games wind down, I wonder what [...]

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