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Knowledge Management for SMEs: Affordable Online Solutions and Social Networks

In the final post of this 3-part series on Knowledge Management for SMEs, I discuss how SMEs can use affordable online solutions and social networks as an integral part of their knowledge management strategy. If you missed the previous posts in the Knowledge Management for SMEs series: Click here for Part 1: Be a Better [...]

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Knowledge Management for SMEs: Workplace Observations and Coaching

As their companies grow and mature, small business owners learn that people come and people go. That is the nature of business and life, especially in a transient city such as Dubai. With this natural ebb and flow of people in and out of positions and companies, how do you make sure to preserve and [...]

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Knowledge Management for SMEs: Be a Better Trainer

Knowledge management is critical to organizational health and growth whether you are working for a two-person consultancy or a growing 150-person franchise. When trying to tackle your organization’s knowledge management strategy and implementation, the trick is identifying where information, talent and ideas exist and ensuring that they get shared at the right time and in [...]

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