The Story of Us: Meet Tamara from Bon Education

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Tamara Durzi came to Bon Education in September after three months teaching in Peru. Prior to her travels, she worked in human capital development and STEM education initiatives in Abu Dhabi.

What is your role at Bon Education?

As an Education Program Manager at Bon, I have the pleasure of working on programs that help facilitate access to education, learning and development for youth and adults alike.

What led you into the field of education?

I remember the point in time when I knew that I wanted to be in this field and nowhere else. It was my third year of university and I was in one of my lectures for an International Development course I was taking. I wanted to help make the world a better place for all. I wanted to empower every human being. I wanted to make a real and profound difference. We all have our role to play in that, and I found mine to be through education. I believed and still believe that through education, we can create sustainable impact.

What’s one of the greatest things you’ve learned while at Bon Education so far?

The learning journey with Bon Education is massive! I would say one of the greatest learnings so far is how to effectively work within my stretch zone; and oh how exciting it is when you constantly feel and see your own growth!

What are your goals while at Bon Education?

Making the learning experiences of participants of our programs original and transformative and supporting them along that journey. Another goal is to contribute to improving the standard of education in the UAE. We are committed to that passionately.

What are your interests and hobbies outside of work?

Scuba diving. Reading (and rereading books, like Harry Potter). You can also take me out dancing any time. Spending quality time with family and friends caps it all off for me though.

What’s your life philosophy or motto that inspires you?

“Be truthful, gentle and fearless,” by Mahatma Gandhi.

If you could take a year off to do anything, what would you do?

I’d head back to Peru to volunteer and teach again, get on with learning my Spanish and travel with my parents.

Which new skills are you interested in learning?

Curriculum development is something I am passionate about learning more about. Delivering that curriculum with impact is another. Personally, I would like to bring my culinary skills to the next level!

What is an accomplishment of which you are most proud?

Seeing how happy the students I was teaching in Peru were with their own accomplishments in becoming better at speaking English.

What interests you right now in the field of education?

The influence of technology on the “classroom,” students’ experiences and on the development of educators.

Tamara is a human capital development professional who has a strong passion and focus on education. She is accomplished in the development of a STEM youth outreach program in the Abu Dhabi region called Tech Quest, and she is driven to facilitate access to learning and growth opportunities for young students and professionals alike. Tamara thoroughly enjoys designing and delivering soft-skill development workshops in diverse areas, namely in Communication and Leadership. Tamara holds a BA Specialization in Sociology and a Minor in Business Studies from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Travel, cooking, continual self-development and reading are among her favorite personal delights.


Editorial and Education Research Project Manager, Bon Education

Image available under CC License by Ian Myles

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