Bon for Work

You feel engaged and excited when you are learning new things, challenging yourself and developing your team. You want to create an engaging culture that builds trust, while at the same time delivering excellence and results. We can help.


Bon for Work provides ongoing professional learning and development as a service, delivered conveniently and seamlessly into your busy work schedule. By being responsive to the evolving needs of your team, we help you create the culture and impact that truly serves your organization and customers.

Key Outcomes

Our clients use Bon for Work to enhance their team culture and performance, including the following key areas: 

  • Communication & Transparency
  • Mindset & Stress Management
  • Creativity & Problem Solving
  • Team Development & Learning
  • Ability to Navigate Challenges
  • Engagement & Authenticity
  • Team & Organizational Culture
  • Impact & Results

Bon for Work is adaptive to your needs. What would you like to enhance in your workplace?


How it Works

Four key components come together each month to create a program that provides sustainable growth over time with important advantages over traditional training or coaching.

1. Consulting

Experienced learning consultants conduct monthly strategic planning, evaluation and reflection sessions to align professional development with organizational goals and KPIs.

2. Coaching

Team leaders and learning champions in the organization receive leadership coaching on a monthly basis to enhance their leadership practice and ability to facilitate learning within their teams.

3. Support

Team members receive support desk services from our learning advisors to help them set development goals, ask questions and stay on track. When appropriate, learning advisors will liaise with leaders and managers to address issues that arise.

4. Content Platform

Team members receive access to the Bon for Work content portal with case studies, inspiration, research, tools and structures, as well as a virtual community forum to support peer-to-peer learning with others from around the world.

Maximum Flexibility & Impact

Participating in Bon for Work is not about working longer and harder. It is about working smarter. We know our clients are busy. At the same time, we know that they want more - more of themselves, more of their team, more meaningful impact!

With Bon for Work, connecting with our leadership coaches and learning advisors is as easy as sending them an email, scheduling a quick online call between meetings or posting questions to our forum for leaders around the globe.

No more long generic seminars. Welcome to the world of personalized professional learning delivered conveniently to your team’s office, phone, laptop and inbox.



Complimentary Consultation

Contact us for a free consultation and assessment of your team’s learning needs. We love helping people develop.

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Chief Learning Officer
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We love helping people develop.

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